Weekly Bulletin: 17 September 2017

Mass Schedule

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 17 September 2017


16 Sep

Sts. Cornelius & Cyprian

5:00 pm

Giacomo Del Gatto, by Maria Del Gatto


17 Sep

St. Robert Bellarmine

8:30 am

Missa Pro Populo


17 Sep

St. Robert Bellarmine

10:00 am

Int. Betty Lawrence, by Colleen Hill


18 Sep

St. Joseph of Cupertino




19 Sep

St. Januarius

12:30 pm

Stephanie Brown, by Liz Brown-Davidson


20 Sep

St. Andrew Kim & Company

12:30 pm

Moira Ste Marie, by Liz Brown-Davidson


21 Sep

St. Matthew, Apostle

12:30 pm

Int. Mary Dreifelds, by Dona Geggie


22 Sep

St. Thomas of Villanueva

8:30 am

Int. Sherry Peddle, by Ken & Jill Wright


22 Sep


9:00 am – 9:15 am

Exposition & Adoration


25th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 24 September 2017


23 Sep

St. Pius of Pietreclina

5:00 pm

Bob Stuart, by Marjori Dreschsler & Family


24 Sep

Martyrs of Chalcedon

8:30 am

Holy Souls in Purgatory


24 Sep

Martyrs of Chalcedon

10:00 am

Missa Pro Populo

Pray for:  Betty Lawrence, Jane Yellowlees, Betty Sutton and Mary Attersley.      

Sanctuary Lamp: is lit this week for the Intentions of Kevin McGee. Feel free to add a relative or friend’s name to the list in the book at the back of the church. A donation of $5.00 would be appreciated.

Weekend Collection 10th September 2017: $2,812.75     (11th September 2016:  $3,646.00)

   Sunday Envelopes……………………….. $1,798      Loose Offering……………………………. $359.65

   Weekly Pre-Authorized Donations…….. $286      St. Vincent de Paul……………………….. $189.10

   Repair & Maintenance……………………. $130      Harvest……………………………………….. $10.00

   Mt. Olivet……………………………………… $40     

​Mount Olivet Cemetery Cross

Thanks to David Bongard and Mount Olivet Cemetery, who have erected the cross at
the entrance to the Cemetery. Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Alan McIntosh, who donated and
milled the wood of the cross, Pat Heffernan and David Bongard, who constructed the
cross, and to Jeff of 40 Acre, who delivered and erected the cross at the site.
Thanks also to Clayton Langevin, who took commemorative photos.

Meeting Schedule

St. Vincent de Paul Meeting:    Wednesday,  04 Oct,   10:00 AM,   in the Rectory Meeting Room.

Catholic Women’s League:      Tuesday,       10 Oct,     7:00 PM,   in the Rectory Meeting Room.

Pastoral Council Meeting:       Wednesday,  11 Oct,     7:00 PM,   in the Rectory Meeting Room.

Knights of Columbus Meeting: Tuesday,       14 Nov,    7:00 PM,   in the Rectory Meeting Room.

Coffee, Sunday, 17 September after 10 AM Mass 


Parish Suppers

  1. St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Read, Sun, 24 Sept, 4 – 7 PM:
    Roast beef supper. Cost $15, $7 Children 6 – 12, 5 and under free.
  2. Holy Name of Mary Parish, Marysville, Sat, 30 Sept, 1 – 3 PM:
    CWL Annual Bazaar & Tea. Cost $5.
  3. St. Joseph’s, Belleville, Sat, 28 Oct, 11 AM – 2 PM:
    CWL Annual Bazaar and Tea. Cost $6 Adults, Family $15, Child $3.

ULTREYA, Sun 24 Sept, 2 PM,
St. John the Apostle Church, Kingston.

For info, call 613-546-6224.

Marriage Preparation Course:

02-03 March, 2018. Cost $150. Please see Fr. Chisholm for further details. If you wish to get married, it is essential that you take a Marriage Preparation Course.

Retreat for Separated or Divorced Catholics,
17 – 18 Nov, Providence Spirituality Centre,

Theme: Resilience vs. Resistance: Welcoming New Life, Facilitated by Sr. Helen Russell, csj. Cost: $40 for Retreat, Saturday lunch and dinner. $85 for Retreat, Friday night accommodation, and Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner. Deadline 27 October. Contact Sr. Lucy Kearney 613-548-4461 ext. 113.

CWL Christmas Dinner,

Wednesday, 06 December (St. Nicholas Day)

Salvation Army Citadel, 46, Elizabeth St., Picton

Please bring a wrapped present for the auction.

All parishioners (men and women) are welcome.

Tickets will be sold for this event.





St. Joseph’s Oratory, and Shrine of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, 15 October.
Cost $65. For info, contact Mike Budge 613-224-8110 or pa.ap@bell.net


Grief Sharing Support Group, at St. Gregory’s Church, a series of eight meetings on Tuesdays, starting Tuesday 07 November after the 12:30 pm Mass.

Dinner Speaker Series, Thursday 26 October, 5:15 PM,

Speaker: Catherine Ecker, of Holy Family Parish in Bolton, Ontario
St. Gregory Parish Hall (School Gym), 7 Owen St.

Ms. Ecker is an author of several books, and will be speaking
on the topic of Evangelization: Living as Disciples.

Cost: A free-will offering at the door as you leave.


Front Steps of St. Gregory’s Church: The two steps at the front are dangerous because of their slope. Three steps will replace the present two. Light standards will be installed at the foot of the steps. Brick pavers will replace the concrete walkways. It is hoped that the tenders will be finalized within a week.

Communion: When receiving Communion, if the Communion is received in the hand, it should be consumed immediately in front of the Minister of Communion. One does not consume it at one’s seat, or on the way to one’s seat.

Sunday Reflection

Do I always forgive others? This is today’s challenge from our readings. Or do I forgive some who offend me and not others? Am I a person who bears grudges? How do I deal with the person who harms me or hurts my feelings? Only God can give us the grace to forgive all others, those who have harmed us in any way at all. God’s calls us to immediate and complete forgiveness of others. God is so clear in today’s readings: if you do not forgive, how can you possibly ask forgiveness?

We know the story of the older brother within the story of the prodigal son. The older brother really resents his younger brother. The younger brother goes off and wastes all of his inheritance and then comes home and is received with incredible kindness and love by his father. This is truly injustice! And yet it is how God wants us to live: judge not and you will not be judged!

How do I treat the person who harms me? Jesus gives us the story of the servant who could not pay his debt. None of us can repay our debt to the Lord. Should God then put us in prison and torture us? Instead he forgives us our debts and asks us to forgive others.

All of us who have sinned can understand the debt that we owe to the Lord. The more we see that debt, the more we can understand that we must forgive others. So much of our spiritual literature is focused on this type of forgiveness: look at the beam in your own eye before you try to take out the small piece of straw in the eye of your brother! The Book of Sirach spells out the teaching of today’s Gospel as well: If anyone who is flesh cherishes wrath, who can forgive his sins? In order to be forgiven, we must learn to forgive.

The Letter to the Romans also speaks of our debt to one another: None of us lives for oneself, and no one dies for oneself. We can only truly live when we live for the Lord—and the Lord is always compassionate and merciful. Today, when we hear His voice, let us not harden our hearts. Instead, let us learn to forgive, even those things that seem unforgivable. It is God Himself inviting us to cleanse our souls and to forgive all who have harmed us in any way. Every time that we hold on to our anger, we damage only ourselves. Every time that we refuse forgiveness, we harm ourselves.

Let us live for God and live God’s forgiveness every day—from our hearts!

The Examen Prayer

The examen that St. Ignatius outlined in the Spiritual Exercises for the Jesuits has five points: i) be grateful for God’s blessings, ii) ask the help of the Spirit, iii) Review the day for times when God has been present and times when you have left him out, iv) express sorrow for sin and ask for God’s forgiving love, v) pray for the grace to be more totally available to God who loves you so totally.

Because the word examen seems to indicate a kind of introspection, probably the greatest emphasis should be placed on the examen as praying. Ignatius tries to emphasize this point by making his first point of the examen prayer one about gratitude to God. We might outline the prayer as follows:

The Examen of Consciousness: A Prayer to God

God, thank you. I thank you, God, for always being with me, but especially I am grateful that you are with me right now.

God, send your Holy Spirit upon me. God, let the Holy Spirit enlighten my mind and warm my heart that I may know where and how we have been together this day.

God, let me look at my day. God, where have I felt your presence, seen your face, heard your word this day? God, where have I ignored you, run from you, perhaps even rejected you this day?

God, let me be grateful and ask forgiveness. God, I thank you for the times this day we have been together and worked together. God, I am sorry for the ways that I have offended you by what I have done or what I did not do.

God, stay close. God, I ask that you draw me ever closer to you this day and tomorrow. God, you are the God of my life—thank you.

There is one final advantage to making a habit of the Daily Examen: We will never run out of things to pray about. Sometimes prayer gets dry. Sometimes we wonder what to say to God. The examen eliminates these problems. As long as we have twenty-four hours to look back on, we will have hundreds of things to talk to God about—and to thank Him for.