Weekly Bulletin: 3 December 2017

1st Sunday of Advent

Mass Schedule

1st Sunday of Advent – 03 December 2017


02 Dec

St. Bibiana

5:00 pm

Robert Stuart, by Doris Stuart & Family


03 Dec

St. Francis Xavier

10:00 am

Missa Pro Populo


04 Dec

St. John of Damascus




05 Dec

St. Sabas

12:30 pm

Int. Jane Wright, by Ken & Jill Wright


06 Dec

St. Nicholas


12:30 pm

Betty Sutton, by Maisie Cockburn

The 10 AM Mass at McFarlands is cancelled this week due to an influenza outbreak.


07 Dec

St. Ambrose

12:30 pm

Robert Stuart, by Maureen & Leo Finnegan


08 Dec

Immaculate Conception

8:30 am

Dorothy & Hugh Murray, by Ken & Jill Wright


08 Dec


9:00 am – 9:15 am

Exposition & Adoration


2nd Sunday of Advent – 10 December 2017


09 Dec

St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin

5:00 pm

John Wynen, by Sonja Wynen


10 Dec

Pope St. Gregory III

10:00 am

Missa Pro Populo

Pray for:  Paul Mayall, Joe La Ferla and Sandy Taylor.

Sanctuary Lamp: is lit this week for John Wynen. Feel free to add a relative or friend’s name to the
list in the book at the back of the church. A donation of $5.00 is appreciated.

Weekend Collection 26th November 2017: $2,990.75                 (27th November 2016:  $3,544.75)

   Sunday Envelopes……………………. $1953.25      Loose Offering……………………………. $172.85

   Weekly Pre-Authorized Donations… $286.00      St. Vincent de Paul…………………………. $93.65

   Repair & Maintenance……………….. $325.00      Mt. Olivet Cemetery………………………. $40.00

   Priests’ Retirement Fund…………….. $120.00     

St. Nicholas (270—343 AD), Feast 06 Dec

was born in Myra, in Asia Minor (near the island of Rhodes). In order to help a poor man with 3 daughters and no dowry for them to marry, St. Nicholas threw three bags of gold through the window under cover of night. St. Nicholas has sometimes been called the “Wonderworker” due to the many miracles attributed to him.

Grief Sharing Support Group

Tuesdays, after the 12:30 Mass, in the Choir section
of the Church.

Liz Brown and Brian Conway will facilitate this group.

Meeting Schedule

Grief Counselling:                   Tuesday,       05 Dec.,    1:00 PM,         in St. Gregory’s Church.

St. Vincent de Paul Meeting:    Wednesday,  06 Dec., 11:15 AM,         in the Rectory Meeting Room.

CWL Christmas Dinner:          Wednesday,  06 Dec.,    6:00 PM,         at the Salvation Army Citadel.

Parish Christmas Confessions

Parish Christmas Confessions, Sunday, 10 December, 3 PM: Fr. Chisholm, Fr. Richard Whalen, and Fr. Charles McDermott will be available to hear Confessions.

School Confessions, Tuesday, 12 December, at St. Gregory’s Church: Fr. Chisholm and Fr. Murphy will be available for Confessions.

Congratulations to St. Gregory’s
First Confession Students

Congratulations to students of St. Gregory’s First Confession class,
who received the Sacrament on 27 November at St. Gregory’s Church.

First Communion will be in the Spring, after Easter.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception,
Friday, 08 December:

It is official teaching of the Church that Our Blessed Mother was conceived without stain of Original Sin due to the salvific grace of her son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Because of this important Solemn Feast Day, Friday penances from meat are not applicable.

St. Gregory’s School 2nd Annual Paint Night,
St. Gregory’s Parish Hall / School Gym,
DATE CHANGED to Wed, 6 Dec, 6:00 PM:

Cost $30. All supplies included. For info,
contact Abigail Watson, 613-847-0117.
Meals on Wheels – Thank You:
Many thanks to those who helped this year.

Chalice Christmas Catalogue: This year, why not give a loved one a unique gift from the Chalice catalogue. Copies are available at the back of the Church, or you can visit www.chalice.ca or phone 1-800-776-6855. For as little as $10, you can give a gift such as animal feed, vegetable seeds, a solar lantern, or mosquito netting to help prevent disease. “Love that is shared is love that keeps growing.”

Church Organist Required—PICTON

Greg and Jenny Garrett are leaving St. Gregory’s. Sad but true, as of next June, they will be moving to their new home in Trenton, Ontario, and our music ministry will be in dire need of help! Do you know an organist, choir director, pianist or soloist who would like to contribute their talents to our Liturgical Services here at St. Gregory’s Church? If so, please ask them to contact Fr. Chisholm at 613-476-6276. In the meantime, let us all pray that our search may yield grace-filled results.


CWL Christmas Dinner,
Wednesday, 06 Dec, 6:00 PM
at Salvation Army Citadel, Picton

Tickets $20, available in the Religious Store.

Christmas and New Year’s Mass Schedule

Christmas Mass Times:

Sunday 24 Dec, 5 PM Family Mass

Sunday 24 Dec, 8 PM, Adult Mass

Monday 25 Dec, 10 AM, Morning Mass

New Year’s Mass Times:

Sunday 31 Dec, 5 PM

Monday 01 Jan, 10 AM


Sunday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are all Holy Days of Obligation. Attendance at Mass is required on these days.

Church Christmas Decorating, Sun 17 Dec, after 10 AM Mass

Please join us to decorate the interior and exterior of the Church, to prepare for Christmas. Refreshments are available. Many hands make light work.

Christmas Poinsettias, Sun, 24 Dec, after 10 AM Mass

 In memory of your loved ones, you are invited to bring poinsettias to decorate the Altar for the Christmas season. You may place your plants on the choir loft stairs before Friday 22 December. Please be sure to include a card with your name, and the names of the loved ones being honoured, for acknowledgement in the Bulletin. The poinsettias, and Nativity Scene will be placed at the Altar on Sunday 24 December.

Musical Concert: Christmas in Bloomfield Village

21 and 22 Dec, 7:30 PM, Bloomfield United Church

The Command Performance Choir, under the direction of Greg Garrett,
will perform traditional Christmas Music. Tea and Scones at the Interval.

Proceeds after expenses will go to the Prince Edward County Food Bank.
Tickets $20. Contact Greg or Jenny Garrett at 613-476-4148.

Advent Wreath Blessing

O God, by whose Word all things are sanctified,
pour forth Your blessing upon this wreath,
and grant that we who use it may prepare
our hearts for the coming of Christ,
and may receive from You abundant graces.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Sunday Reflection

The Prophet Isaiah tells us:  “No ear has ever heard, no eye ever seen, any God but you doing such deeds for those who wait for him.  Would that you might meet us doing right, that we were mindful of you in our ways!” This is the theme of Advent and we can deepen our awareness of God’s love for us by living this awareness of God throughout Advent this year.  “Watch.”  We want God to find us always doing what is right, always mindful of Him in our ways.  We can only do that if we take time to be with Him each day.

It is important that we realize that only faithfulness to the One, True God will bring us peace and a wonderful human life.  Faith never promises to make us wealthy or powerful—it actually promises the opposite.  What faith does promise is that our life will be filled with joy in knowing the Lord and living His divine life.

In the second reading, we can focus on these words:  “God is faithful, and by him you were called to fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.”  We are not faithful, but God remains faithful.  God calls us to fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ.  Sharing in this life brings incredible joy, even when it does not bring immediate happiness—which is what our world wants us to seek.

The Gospel reminds us once again:  keep alert and keep watching for the Lord!  It is so easy today to accept the values of the world.  We have to recognize that doing right is not the same as feeling good about ourselves or about others.  One of the great gods of our time is the demand that we always feel good, that we seek momentary happiness, above the values of the Gospel and the Scriptures.

May this Advent deepen our faith and help us understand and live what the Scriptures reveal to us.  May we find ourselves drawn deeper into the heart of the Church founded by Jesus Christ.  It is not easy to stand against the false gods of our time, but we have receive the invitation to walk with the Lord Jesus.  Let us walk into His light.

The Meaning of Advent: From Darkness to Light

In the Bible, Christ is referred to as the “Light of the World” contrasted with the darkness of sin. As his Advent, or “coming,” draws nearer another candle is lit, with each candle dispelling the darkness a little more. Thus, the Advent wreath helps us to spiritually contemplate the great drama of salvation history that surrounds the birth of God Incarnate who comes to redeem us.

Shape: The circular shape of the wreath, without beginning or end, symbolizes God’s complete and unending love for us—a love that sent his Son into the world to redeem us from the curse of sin.  It also represents eternal life which becomes ours through faith in Jesus Christ.

Number: The Advent Wreath traditionally holds four candles which are lit, one at a time, on each of the four Sundays of the Advent season.  Each candle represents one thousand years.  Added together, the four candles symbolize the four thousand years that humanity waited for the world’s Saviour—from Adam and Eve to Jesus, whose birth was foretold in the Old Testament. Four thousand years represents the traditional Jewish religious reckoning of the time from Adam to Jesus, rather than the scientific numeration of the years.

Colour: Violet is a liturgical colour that is used to signify a time of prayer, penance, and sacrifice and is used during Advent and Lent. Rose is a liturgical color that is used to signify hope after a period of waiting.  Advent, also called “little Lent,” is the season where we spiritually wait in our “darkness” with hopeful expectation for our promised redemption, just as the whole world did before Christ’s birth, and just as the whole world does now as we eagerly await his promised return.

The Four Weeks of Advent: During the first two weeks of Advent we light the first two purple candles. The Third Sunday of Advent is called Gaudete (Rejoice) Sunday. On this day we celebrate that our waiting for the birth of Jesus on Christmas day is almost over, so we light the single rose candle on the third Sunday of Advent. Then on the fourth Sunday of Advent, the final purple candle is lit to mark the final week of prayer and penance as we wait expectantly for the birth of the King of Kings.