Parish Priest: Fr. George Okoye SMMM, 613-476-6276,

Secretary: Dona Geggie,
Custodian: Donald Geggie,

Office Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 9 AM to 3 PM

Ministries, Committees and Groups

Parish Pastoral Council Chairperson Barbara Lyons 613-399-2005
Evangelization Contact Tim Ernst 613-476-2159
Finance Committee Chairperson Leo Finnegan 613-476-5714
Mount Olivet Cemetery Contact Dave Bongard 613-476-7632
Pastoral Care Team Contact Wanda Robson 613-476-2628
Junior Liturgy Contact Gail MacDougall 613-399-3439
St. Vincent de Paul Committee Chairperson Maisie Cockburn 613-476-6313
Screening Committee Chairperson Eric Chapman 613-393-2987
Becoming Catholic: RCIA Coordinator Tim Ernst 613-476-2159
Parish Choir: 10 AM Sunday Contact Cheryl Moggridge 613-476-5555
Parish Choir: 5 PM Saturday Contact Dave Bongard 613-476-7632
Catholic Women’s League Contact Colleen Hill 613-471-1283
Youth Ministry Coordinator Gail MacDougall 613-399-3439